Peachy Keen

Who knew that 4 kids could eat up an entire bag full of peaches. In less than 2 days. One lone peach left. For now. Who knows how long it will last!
Thursday really cannot come quick enough. We need more fruit!

We are loving our fruit share from the CSA.  This is a pretty blatant add for the farm in which we buy our veggies and fruit.  It is my blog after all so I can do that.  At the beginning on the season I wasn’t sure about the amount of produce that we were receiving.  The veggie share was really heavy lettuce and greens and the fruit was pretty sparse.  Now the veggie box contains more than our large family can eat (and we can eat) and the fruit share is starting to ramp up.  It has taken me a season to realize how much I need to order next summer. We are eating yummy produce that we wouldn’t normally buy and other staples that we couldn’t live without.  And it is organic.  Perfect.  In an organic fruit and veggie kind of way.
And the peaches are tasty.  Really sweet.  As you can see, everybody here enjoyed them. 

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