Great Weekend

Can I just say…..IT IS NOVEMBER!!! The weather has been gorgeous and we have been enjoying it!!!

This weekend was jammed packed with good times.  Friday night we had takeout Chinese in honor of Mason’s referral anniversary.  Saturday we headed out to Barr Trail for a short hike.  Everyone else in Colorado Springs seemed to have the same idea as us and the trail was busy. 

In the evening, the kids went to my parent’s house for a sleepover and Scott and I headed out to a friend’s house for dinner and a murder mystery party. We had a blast and really enjoyed the night out without kids. Love em, enjoy a break from them 🙂

Scott character was a chef and mine was obviously a french maid

Today we started out the day at church.  In the afternoon, Sam and Alice went to a birthday party.  While they were at the party, Scott and Paige went out on a daddy date.  They had ice-cream, painted pottery and went to an indoor fun center.  Mason and I stayed home.  I thought that it might be nice to get some things done around here without all the craziness but Mason had other ideas.  He threw a temper tantrum that lasted for about an hour and the only way I found to distract him was to put him in the bathtub and let him play.  He eventually calmed down.   Right after I pulled out all of my hair.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  Now we hanging out on the couch watching the tube and getting ready for bed.  


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