A Bad Case of the Sickies

Well, poor Paige, she got it again.  The dreaded stomach bug.  She came down with it on Friday night and is still fighting it.  Right now she is feeling better but she has no interest in food and pretty much the only thing she is keeping down is some Gator*de and water. She looks pretty pitiful.  Sam and Alice are feeling okay but Mason has a yucky cough and equally yucky nose.  It doesn’t seem to have slowed him down except that he is having a hared time sleeping at night because the moment he lays down the cough worsens. Amazingly, I am feeling fine.  However, my hands are turning into sandpaper from all the washing and sanitizing 🙂 Scott isn’t feeling great but he did manage to make it to work.  Yesterday, he ran a race but came home feeling sick and stayed on the couch for the rest of the afternoon.  I am hoping he kicks this faster than Paige. 
There now, aren’t you glad you popped over to read up on the Wescott’s?  Do you now feel like you might be coming down with something, anything, just from reading this horrible post?!?!?  Sorry for all the info but i felt like I needed to post something but this is all that is going on at our house. 
It is hard to believe we are quickly approaching the middle of November and the holiday season.  It seems like maybe I should start shopping for gifts.  I don’t seem to have a lot of great ideas this year.  It feels like we have everything already. Do you feel that way as you ponder what to buy your kids? 
I hope you all out there are having a great start to the week and staying warm.  If you might live in a warm spot (you know who you are), think of me in my puffy and be thankful. 

One thought on “A Bad Case of the Sickies

  1. 75 and sunny here…. come on back for another visit! Crazy enough we are going to the mountains for Thanksgiving just to get some real genuine fall feeling weather. We are going to freeze our butts off! Thanks again for the “Magic Tree House” series suggestion. We are half way through book #2!

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