We spent our Black Friday not shopping but skiing instead.  We packed up the kids and all their parts and headed out to A-Basin.  Once we got there, we rented skis, boots and helmets for all the kids.  At A-Basin you can buy a discounted ticket for beginners and stay in one small part at the bottom of the hill.  That was perfect for us today.  Sam and Alice picked up what they had already learned, quickly and Mason and Paige did really well for beginners.  Mason was cracking up all the way down the hill.  He wanted to go fast and did not like being held back.  We all skied for about 5 hours and now we are totally spent.  It was so fun for all of us to ski together even if it was on the beginner lift. It was awesome to see Sam and Alice become independent skiers.  Now we are watching a movie and relaxing on the couch. Have a great weekend!

 Eating lunch on the back of the truck

 Mason’s first ski run, ever.  He did awesome!

Scott and Paige heading up on the chair lift to try out the bigger run.  Go Paigie!!

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