Homework or Home Work

My kids don’t come home with a lot of homework.  Sam usually has to finish a sheet of math work and it takes him about three minutes.  If Alice has homework it is a story in her classroom reader or practice writing her spelling words.  In Kindergarten, Paige has weekly optional homework.  Some weeks we opt to and some weeks we opt to not.  One thing that I do to supplement their homework, or lack thereof, is to print off math worksheets.  Math Fact Cafe is a great site to practice math facts and play all sorts of games that strengthen math facts.  My kids really like it when I print off challenging math sheets.  These kids obviously got their math sense from Scott.  My dad would completely agree:) as he was the one who sat with me for endless hours working through math homework.  They got lots of good things from me (in my opinion, of course) but math skills, not a chance.  Luckily, they also all have a love of reading and THAT they got from me.  (I just thought that I should give a good example or you might think I meant sleeping, eating donuts, watching reality t.v., etc.)  Not that I would do any of those things….. 😉

Have a great Monday!  Scott and I are heading out to do some Christmas shopping.  We are swapping kids with Kent and Vic a couple nights this week so that we can each get a bit of shopping done. 


One thought on “Homework or Home Work

  1. We have so much homework! I wish they didn't : ( Between the homework, AR testing, sight words, and math drill flash cards there is so little time for anything optional. Why are we so swamped? Is it the school?

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