I had such good intentions of blogging more in the new year and staying on track with all my loyal readers.  Thanks to everyone who commented or sent me a message about my blog. I really appreciate all the nice thoughts.  I wrote that year in review post last Monday. On Thursday afternoon, while prepping some squash for dinner, I cut off the tip of my middle finger.  The funny (or not so funny) thing is that I was using my brand new knives that I got as a Christmas present from my dear husband.  The doctors and nurses in the emergency room thought that was hilarious and made sure to bid me a Merry Christmas! as we left.  Anyway, I haven’t been posting because, well, I can’t type very well.  The nurse that cleaned me up and dressed my finger did a really good job and it took me three hours yesterday to get the bandage off my wound.  Now that I am sporting some antibiotic cream and a fancy Dora the Explorer bandage, it is much easier to type.  Although, I am going to blame any typos and misspellings on my finger.  Just a note, don’t cut off the tip of your finger. It hurts really bad, the bleeding doesn’t stop and waiting in the emergency room during flu season is really unpleasant.  Sooo, I am now back and planning to post more. 
The kids are doing well and enjoyed the delayed start from school this morning.  We woke up to a nice pretty snow this morning.  Life is good around here, aside from said finger-lobbing 🙂 
Happy Monday!

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