Swimming, Skiing and Friends

This weekend was full. 
Saturday afternoon, the kids had swimming lessons.  They are taking lessons in Black Forest.  It is a haul out there but sooo worth it.  Their instructor is awesome and in two lessons I have already seen so much growth and confidence in their swimming skills.  Paige started her lessons this week and also did great. It was so fun to see her have such a blast in the water.  We spent Saturday evening at the Young’s house.  Due to sick kids and busy lives, we haven’t had a chance to all get together to celebrate Christmas.  It was such a nice night spent with great friends. 

Today we got up and took the kids skiing.  This time we headed to Monarch Mountain which is just outside of the cute little town of Salida.  After driving there, stopping to rent skis, getting everybody dressed and geared up, taking off clothes to go potty, getting everybody redressed, purchasing lift tickets and attaching those to all the jackets, it was 11 o’clock and Scott and I were ready for a nap.  Instead of a nap, we hauled all the skis over to the beginner lift.  Once we figured out the logistics of two parents skiing with  4 beginner skiers on a two person chair lift, we were off and skiing.  We had a great time with only a couple meltdowns.  If you don’t count mine.  Just kidding!  Sam, Alice and Paige are now all skiing independently and in control. Scott was able to take the three of them up on the longer runs and they had a blast! 
I hope you all had a nice weekend!
Love, Jennifer

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