Gracie’s Room

Before Mason came to be part of our forever family, he lived in the Xinxiang Social Welfare Institute.  He was so blessed to be part of a program called Gracie’s Room, started by Dianjiang Kids International.  In Gracie’s Room, Mason received extra time with his nanny, more physical activitiy, playtime and so much more.  Unfortunately, not all these sweet kiddos at Xinxiang get to be a part of Gracie’s Room.  The director of Dianjiang Kids International, Moya Smith, has been nominated for a service award.  Dianjiang Kids International was started by a group of adoptive parents who wanted to do more for the kids in Dianjiang and that love has extended to Xinxiang.  If Moya wins this award, she and the kids at Xinxiang will receive $2500.  Please go over and vote for Moya.

She is awesome and works so hard for our kids!!!  I had the opportunity to meet Moya in December at a reception for Henan Orphanage Directors.  She was able to meet Mason, just one of the kids who were blessed by her efforts.  She actually watched him while I ran to get my camera and he so sweetly shared his snacks with her 🙂 
After you vote, scroll down and click on video.  It is a short slideshow with pictures from Gracie’s Room at Xinxiang.  I watched it and was so excited to see pictures of our sweet guy!  Some of the pics I have but others were new.  I know that Mason received awesome care while in Gracie’s Room and I have no doubt that all that wonderful care made his transition easier once he came home. 

Go vote and watch the video! 

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