Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Friday and Saturday, the temps were in the 60’s. Sunday we dropped to a chilly 50 degrees. Monday was pretty cold and dipped down in the teens and today, well, guess what, my kids are home from school because IT IS TOO COLD!  Negative temperatures and the high is zero!  ZERO!!! 

Last night, I asked Scott if we had ever missed school due to the cold.  He laughed and said no, zero degrees in Michigan means that it is winter.  Well, I have to say, these Coloradans are a tad bit wimpy when it comes to cold and snow but I will most definitely take the warmer days too 🙂 

Anyway, we are laying around in our jammies, watching movies.  The best thing to do on a snow cold day.  Later on we are going to put up our Chinese New Year decorations, if we can get up off the couch.
Have a wonderful day and stay warm.  Oh yeah, if you happen to be on vacation in a warm place right now, thanks for sending your daughter a picture of the beach 🙂   

Scott wrote a funny post about winter running over on his blog. Check it out here. He really is that crazy.

One thought on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

  1. Zero? That sounds like shorts and tees to me! We are supposed to be in the “-” catagory with 15″ of snow. I'm glad I'm not on the east coast! Hi to all the munchkins!!

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