Quiet is Good

We are busy as always.  Friday night, Paige had swimming lessons and Alice attended a birthday party.  Saturday we spent the morning sledding with our church friends in Divide and then swim lessons for Sam and Alice in the afternoon.  Sunday was busy with church, running, a Kids In Christ activity here and a very chilly cookie booth.  

Today, Scott is home for the holiday and we have had a pretty relaxing day.  Scott and Sam worked on their pinewood derby car and I watched a few episodes of House Hunters.  The littles took naps and the bigger ones went to the park to drive RC cars.  Most of the time I like to stay busy but it is soooo nice to get a bit of quiet time too.  Quiet is good.

I haven’t taken many pics lately.  I forgot the camera when we went sledding.  Bummer.  We forgot the sleds too.  Big bummer:)  Luckily, our friends at the ranch are prepared for people like us and keep a stock of inner tubes in their sports closet.  Anyway, I don’t have any cute sledding pics.  I took one picture at KIC and then got busy.  Funny how hosting seven 9 and 10 year olds can be hectic.

By the way, KIC stands for Kids In Christ and it is the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders from our church.  They meet once a month for a couple hours of fun time.  Last night, they met at our house for dinner and Wii games.  They had a great time and wore themselves out!  Our KIC group has also adopted the Humane Society and donates items each month for the animals. 

Back to school and work tomorrow.  Scott has enjoyed the long weekend and the kids have enjoyed having him home.  Our weeks are always busy with activities for 6 so we do love some quiet time once in a while. 

Have a great week!

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