Slow Movin’

Here I am sitting on the couch.

Sore muscles.  I should be moving around, stretching out those sore muscles.  But I don’t want to move around. 

I want to sit right here on the couch.

So, this past Wednesday, my friend, Lana, talked me into trying a Cross Fit class with her.  She has been going for a couple months and really loves it.  She has been asking me to join her for quite some time but I have had a reason not to go for quite some time.  Anyway, I went on Wednesday. I wouldn’t say that I loved it but I did like that I got a great workout.  So I went back on Friday (after my regular P90X workout) and liked it a bit more.  I really liked the core workout.  It was tough and pushed me to the limit and made my muscles hurt really bad. 

Well, I am still training for that 25K trail race in April so I needed to get in a long run this weekend.  And…my running partner just happened to be running 12 miles today in a race out in Black Forest. Sooo…..I ran it with her.  The first 7 miles or so.  Then, she lost me.  I was really slow movin’ at that point.  There were 50 mph winds and add the really sore muscles, this might have been my slowest 20K ever.
Oh well, I got in my long run.

I think that tomorrow will be a rest day, starting now.

So if you see me walking around like a granny, you’ll know why.  Although, I don’t anticipate walking any time soon. 

Nope.  Not gonna wear these pants, ever again. 
 I was carrying my gatorade cup because if I had dropped it, it would have blown to Kansas.


One thought on “Slow Movin’

  1. dang!!!!!!!!!!! i can't believe you ran that race yesterday!!! it was miserable– and that was just going from the grocery store to my car!!! i was sore just reading your post!

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