Spring Skiing

This weekend we headed up into the mountains for some time away and some skiing.  A couple months ago, I bought a Groupon for 2 nights at the Monarch Mountain Lodge.  We had a free weekend and took the opportunity to get in one last ski day.  Our friends, The Youngs, and a couple other families also spent the weekend at Monarch.  We headed up Friday night and then skied all day Saturday.  Today we headed down into Salida, ate breakfast, hiked around a bit and then met our friends for lunch before heading for home.  It was a very relaxing weekend.  The kids had fun being with friends, watching movies, swimming, skiing and just hanging out.  The weather on Saturday was beautiful with temps in the 50’s and 60’s.  We were all way too warm in our ski gear.  The kids thought it was hilarious when we saw guys skiing without shirts and girls in bikini tops.  It was tempting to strip down to near nothing but I spared everyone and kept on my fleece 🙂  Today the weather was cooler and a bit rainy.  We even hit some snow on the drive home.  Good thing because we really need all the moisture we can get!  It has been an extremely dry winter here in Colorado.  Soooo, here are the pics from the weekend. Another fun and exhausting ski day under our belts.

Paige and I taking a picture break at the top of the lift.
Alice and Brendan at the end of the ski day.
Another shot of Paigie. I skied most of the day with Paige and Scott skied with Sam, Alice and Ellie. I had the camera most of the time, thus the lack of Sam/Alice/Scott pics.
Lunch break on the back of the truck.

 Scott and the kids on our drive/hike up Spiral Drive in Salida.
We were hustling to get to the car before this storm came upon us.
I hope you all had an awesome weekend!
Look out for a guest post from Sam. 
He really wants to tell you all about his snowboarding experience from last weekend. 

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