G’Day Mate!

For the last month, Paige’s kindergarten class has been studying a few different countries.  This week is Australia.  When Paige’s teacher sent out the email looking for a parent to make and bring in food from each country, I scrolled down to the last week possible and signed up for that date.  April 21st. A month ago, it seemed easy.  Bring in Australian food. Granted I have never been to Australia and I have no idea what Australians eat.  Soooo, this past weekend I did what every good mom does and I Googled it.  I found a very yummy recipe that included sponge cake, chocolate and coconut.  That seems universal to me.  I’m just sayin’.  Anyway, Paige and I got out the aprons this afternoon and made some very deliciously Australian Lamingtons.  Here is the play by play. 
Excuse the quality of my pics.  For some reason, unknown the me, some of my pictures are fuzzy and not as crisp when I send them over to blogger. 

To go along with our yummy Lamingtons we are also making Vegemite and banana sandwiches. 
Yum, yum good.  
Happy Wednesday to you all!

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