Happy 4th of July~Pirate Style

Just one day late 🙂

We are on vacation in Breckenridge, one of our favorite places in Colorado.  We are spending the week relaxing and enjoying family and friends.  Life is so good.  Yesterday on the 4th we participated in the Breckenridge Parade.  Last year we had so much fun that we knew we would do it again.  And we did.  We really did it this year.  I am talking about pint sized pirates, a water canon, water balloons, candy coins, frisbees and much more.  We decorated the trailer with black plastic sheeting, a mast and sail and pirate flag.  We even had a few parrots “hanging” around.  All the kids (and some adults) were dressed in their finest pirate garb and we took Breckenridge by storm and water balloon.  We got really wet and had way too much fun!!!!  Look out next year Breck, we are already planning our next attack!

After the parade we had lunch with my parents and then headed downtown Breck for the free Rusted Root concert.  Our friends The Young’s met us at the concert and then we hung out with them for the rest of the evening.  We caught the Breckenridge fireworks and then off to bed.  We were pooped by that point and the kids crashed.  I have a ton more pictures from the second half of the day but the WiFi is super slow and I am having some trouble uploading pics. I hope you all had an awesome fourth and a great week!

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