One Man’s Castle

Today, with great friends, we headed southwest into the San Isabel Forest to Bishop’s Castle.  This place is a hoot. It is a castle on the side of the mountain being built by one man. He started this project in 1969. When I say a castle, I mean a huge, massive place with towers and a dragon.  My description is not doing it any justice.  Check out the pics.  Thanks to Kristin for taking three of my kids, along with her three kids, up to the tippy top of two towers.  This was no easy job because the spiral staircases were made of metal and had no handrails. 

After the trip to the castle we headed back down the mountain to the San Isabel Rec Area.  We had a picnic on the beach and the kids spent the afternoon swimming wading in the lake, throwing rocks and enjoying our time together. 

Have a great Monday night!!!

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