Run Like the Wind

The big kids had their third cross country meet today.  Lucky for us, it was at our home school this week, which makes our lives soooo much easier.  Since we pretty much sprint from cross country meets to two different soccer practices, our Tuesday afternoons are anything but relaxing.  All the kids ran really well.  There are a lot more kids running this year.  When Paige was lined up to run I counted well over 60 1st grade girls.  She finished easily in the top 20.  Alice finished 9th.  She was disappointed but we were hugely proud of her.  Sam ran really well and left nothing on the course.  We had a beautiful afternoon for races and the weather could not have been better.  The Masonator hung out, jump off everything he could find, rolled in the grass and cheered on his siblings.  He is ready for his turn to run.  I have a feeling anything that Mason sets his mind to, he will achieve. 
I am trying hard to ignore it but the laundry is calling my name.  I hope you had a great Tuesday and look forward to Wednesday.

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