Yesterday we celebrated Halloween, Frisco style.  The kids celebrated in their classrooms during school and then we walked downtown for trick or treating.  Downtown Frisco closes down for two hours and all the Main Street stores passed out candy.  Who knew that every kid in the county would head to Frisco for the good stuff.  We passed out candy from our store and we went through 5 huge bags of candy.  There were little kids (and big ones too) everywhere!  Our kids had a blast running from store to store and Mason and I just trailed behind them. Once their bags were overflowing, we headed back to our store to check and sample the loot.  Usually we combine all the candy and then eat a piece a day for about a week and then I start throwing it out. This year we are going to pick out a few of our favorite pieces and then send the rest to Uncle Mick in Afghanistan.  All the kids thought that was a grand idea.  This year we had a Christmas elf, Hermione Granger, a skeleton and a hooded knight.  I might be a bit biased but they were the cutest trick or treaters around town.

We hope you all had a safe Halloween!  Now we move on to Thanksgiving. Oh my!!! Love to all from Scott, Jennifer, Samuel, Alice, Paige and Mason!

One thought on “Halloween

  1. Sounds like it was a great time. I am sure Uncle Mick and friends will enjoy the treats! What a nice thing to do. Way to go kids!!! Tell Uncle Mick “HI” for us. Hope to see you soon.

    Love Papa G and Grandma

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