A Little Bit of Life

Really, a week?!!?!?! It’s been one week since I have blogged. I am trying here, people.  Really.

We have had a crazy week. I know you get tired of hearing it, but seriously.  The good news is…..we found the snow pants in storage.  Well, it might not be too exciting to you but it was fantastic news to my kiddos who have been asking for their snow pants since their first day of school.  See, the kids have to wear snow pants to recess.  If they don’t wear them, they are restricted from the playground field.  So, they are thrilled and even though there wasn’t much precipitation last week, they wore them every day.

Now, let’s talk precipitation.  Yesterday we had to go make the two hour trek to Colorado Springs for one more load of garage stuff.  Can we get a collective UGH? Where does this stuff come from????? The weather in COS was beautiful.  It was super windy but really really warm.  I like warm.  Today we were under a weather storm warning in Frisco and since we were hauling a trailer full of stuff, a long ladder and a bike, we wanted to beat the storm.  We resembled a traveling band of gypsies.  We did beat the storm, just barely 🙂  There was that one spot when we were coming down the pass and the Cruiser started sliding toward a cliff…..but we made it safe and sound.   Luckily, we are now a settled inside our warm house while snow is falling and accumulating quickly.   Winter in the mountains.  Only six more months of snow. Oh boy.

The kids are good.  Sam was a bit emotional as we were leaving today.  It is hard for him to see the house empty.  He is adjusting so well to his new surrounding but leaving home is tough.  We went around the house once more and took pics with our murals in the basement.

I don’t think I have opened another box since the last time I blogged.  That is the bad news.  I am really getting too old for this moving thing.

On a positive note (my running partner will appreciate this) I did get out for a run this week.  It wasn’t as much fun by myself but I had fun exploring some of the paved trails around town. I am going to definitely have to update my Ipod tunes.  I don’t think that I need to post my mileage.  It was pretty measly.

Scott and I are good too.  Really good.  We are adjusting well and loving this new place.  We miss our friends and family terribly but really feel like ultimately it will be a great fit for our fam.  Scott has already skinned up/skied down at Keystone and he is in heaven.  I am looking forward to getting out on my snowshoes very soon. Hopefully this week.

I know that I promised house pics but my camera battery is dead and I have no idea where that silly charger is hiding.  Probably in one of those boxes that I have yet to open.  Guess I better get busy.  I know you don’t want to read my drivel for much longer.

Have a great weekend.  We are thinking that we will try out a new church tomorrow.  Please say a little prayer that we can find a home to worship that fits all our needs.

Snow snakes and ski bunnies,

2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Life

  1. Well, that explains why my day was crabby. My inner core KNEW you were in the vicinity. Avoid rocky trails. Period. But please keep running. Snowpants at recess? Didn't even have that at my Bozeman elementary. Getting back to your frigid Michigan roots 😉 Miss you and yours immensely.

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