Mason’s first day….

Today Mason started preschool at the elementary school.  He was so excited all morning and could hardly wait to eat lunch and head out to school.  When we arrived, he quickly hung up his coat, put his snack in the fridge and got busy learning.  He didn’t even look back at me. For a split second I was a bit sad that he just skipped off without so much as a kiss or wave.  And then I was thrilled.  He knows that he can go to school just like Sam, Alice and Paige and that I will be there at the end of the day.

When I asked him what he had done at school, this was his response.  Let’s see, I had a nack, lurned, behaved and haved and haved, even I did an obstacle course, just stuff.  It was super fun.

Well, that sounds like it was a good day. At least he haved.  Good havior is very important.


P.S.  While Mason was at preschool, Scott and I took a break from work to get out for a short trail run.  We got some exercise and enjoyed the beautiful views of Lake Dillon.  Now that is very good.

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