It’s beginning to look a lot like…..

….a big huge mess, that what.

This morning I finally got our family room organized and cleaned up. This afternoon, we made a visit to storage and hauled over about 8 big boxes of Christmas “stuff” and now it is sitting in my clean family room.  Lights and ornaments and angels, oh my!

We made a really good effort to cut down our Christmas tree today but that didn’t work out.  Hopefully we can get the tree next weekend or else we may have to visit the dreaded Christmas tree lot.  Scott’s least favorite place during the holidays 🙂  He REALLY enjoys cutting his own tree.  And it is a lot cheaper.  A lot.

The three older kids all got a couple hours on their skis this weekend.  Scott took Sam and Alice yesterday and Paige got her turn this afternoon.  It was perfect weather for hitting the slopes, sunny and warm.  Hopefully one of us will be able to ski with Mason sometime this week.

Sewing has been on my mind a lot lately and I am hoping to get to it this week.  All that fabric, so little time.  I have a couple projects started that really need to be finished.  I could really use a couple more hours in my day.

I haven’t taken any pics in the last couple days so I thought that I would find some on the old hard drive that I didn’t get a chance to post.  Actually, these are some that I took for my mom as a birthday gift. This was on one our last days in Colorado Springs before moving on up to the mountains.  It was a gorgeous day and I could have stayed out all day snapping pics of the kids.  Not sure if they were equally as excited as me 🙂

Happy Sunday night!  Have a great Monday!

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