***What we have been up to.

It has been a crazy month. Isn’t December always a crazy time and it blows by so fast?  It is a mystery to me.  It is so hard to believe that Christmas is only a week and a half away.  No matter how much we try and enjoy the season, it seems to speed by in a flash of red and green.
So…..here are some pics from the last couple weeks.  Warning: these pictures are *SOOTC. No editing was involved in the making of this blog post.

* Straight out of the camera.

Yeah, we got Christmas spirit. Do you?

Alice decorating the Christmas tree
Where should this ornament go?  So many spots, so far away.
Decorating gingerbread choo-choos. Are we having fun yet?

Sam and Mason displaying their gingerbread house. They were just happy to have finished before their sisters.

Friends from COS come to visit and the girls perform a dance.  

Mason hanging out with his “girl”friend.  They were showing off their weapons.

Scott’s parents are here visiting for a week.  They got to see the stores today and check out the kids’ school.  Last night we attended the school holiday program.  It was very cute and so worth the third row seats.  I, of course, still had on my crazy parent hat on and got to the school gym 25 minutes early to get some decent seats while all the other parents came strolling in at the suggested time and got their seats with no worry. I gotta lose this hat, like seriously throw it in a ditch full of snow. Oh! Did I mention it is snowing?  We love snow.

I hope you are all having a fantastic and blessed Christmas season.
Love, Jennifer

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