Thankful Thursday {Paige in glasses}

I am oh-so thankful for this sweet girl.
We just picked up her new glasses today.
Doesn’t she look so much older!
Paige, our sweet, sweet lovebug.
Everything is just a little bit clearer today.

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday {Paige in glasses}

  1. Oh she does look older, and SO adorable. Kaitlyn will be jealous, she wants glasses so badly I bought her a pair of reading glasses out of the dollar section at Target and pushed the lenses out so she can wear them.

  2. Paige you look adorable! Hope to see you soon! Kelsey
    hi hello bye bye. kate
    I prefer contacts but I didn't have cool flower glasses Jacob
    Glad that the world is a little clearer for you, Love and miss you Aunt Tracy
    I couldn't imagine you looking any cuter. I love your new glasses and I LOVE YOU. Grandma

    Looking good girl!! Papa G

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