Can you hear me now?

I have been sick for about two weeks.  I think. It seems to all be blending together.  For about a week I have pretty much lost my voice (did you hear my kids collectively cheering in the background).  Today, it seems, that I am getting it back.  Still a bit squeaky but definitely better!  Now, GO GET DRESSED!  Sorry.  Just trying it out on you guys first.

Now that I am back 🙂 I should give you a recap on our life. Yep, it is still snowing.  I hear that in the mountains it does that sort of thing until June or so.  Scott and I are good, just working a lot (at home and the stores) and keeping up with the kids. Sam just finished a very pleasant basketball season and is now on to snowboarding.  Alice is waiting patiently on the list for swim team at the rec center. She is not interested in doing anything else at this time except for practicing her swim strokes during Paige’s swim lessons. I keep reminding her that she is 5th on the waiting list and may not get in this season. She wants to wait and see.  Paige is taking swim lessons and continues to be a self proclaimed backstroke expert.  Whatever she says.  She has mastered the monkey bars at school which has elevated (no pun intended) her friend status at school.  That is a very good thing.  She is not so quietly anticipating her birthday in March.  I am refusing to allow her to turn seven.  I just don’t understand what happened between two and six.  Where did that time go? Mason is doing great.  He seems to thrive in any situation. He is letting his hair get a bit longer (like his bigger brother) and is cute as a button.  He is taking a gymnastics class at the rec center on Thursday morning and L.O.V.E.S it!  You should see his back bends.  The wonderful thing about his class is that the instructor is male and all the kids in the class are BOYS.  Love that.  He runs, jumps, balances, skips, somersaults forward and back for a full 45 minutes.  And then on Friday morning, he sleeps in….ahhhh.  Love that too.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  We are swimming in chocolate and red paper hearts over here.  The amount of chocolate is diminishing fast…..

One thought on “Can you hear me now?

  1. Jenn!! OMG – I am so jealous of moms like you!! Your Valentine's Day cards are SO CUTE!!! I may copy them for next year 🙂 (who am I kidding) My kids got the cutest homemade ones too and I was like…man, I am a loser. Mine handed out Target-bought character ones.

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