Gettin’ In the Groove

Well, we are back at it. School, work…….

The kids are happy to be back at school with their friends.
Sam is starting his science fair project. The only requirement is….wait for it…..Change The World.  I know, right.  Go huge or go home.  He and Scott are working on this together.  Read: I am not involved.  At all.

Today, Mason and I biked to preschool. I biked, Mason rode.  We are getting really excited about summer.  I can’t wait for hiking, biking, camping, kayaking and just spending time outside with my kiddos.

We have registered Mason for kindergarten. He has started reading easy books and is completely enthralled with easy addition. His teacher feels like he is more than ready. Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand why he has to wait until the fall to start.
Hey Mom, what does 1 and 2 make?  
Uh, 3.  
Nope, 12. Get it!!! And then he cracks up.

If you get a chance to play Uno with him, do it. It is hilarious.  He is super strategic and can beat the pants off anyone, even Grandma.

I have made a resolution with myself to start running at least every other day. So far, I have stuck to it but it has only been 5 days.  Scott and I ran together yesterday.  It is so nice to be able to spend some time together and get in a workout.  My only complaint is that he likes to blow his nose farmer style.   Kristin does not blow her nose into the bushes when we run together so she is still my favorite running partner 🙂

We continue to eat a plant based diet and everyone is feeling great!  Scott is getting super good at making fruit/veggie smoothies.  I am having a blast looking for new recipes.  I am hoping to start posting some yummy, healthy options for dairy free, meatless meals.  If you have any vegan meal ideas, please send them my way!

Working on getting through a huge laundry pile.  I hate laundry. Really. Hate. It.

Happy Wednesday night!

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