Sunday Hike

As you all know (and are probably tired of hearing), we are thrilled with our new living situation.  Of course in any move, there are always things that you might might miss.  On Sunday mornings, we really miss going to church.  We were blessed to attend a wonderful church with a fabulous pastor and church family.  We attended our little church for about 12 years and I am seriously missing it.  We are still working (although not as hard as we should be) on finding a new church home.  Early Sunday mornings, when it is quiet and I have a moment to think, I get this not so great feeling in the pit of my stomach and I know that we should be getting around for church. However, it hasn’t been working that way. Scott usually gets up early and goes to work and the kids and I hang around and have a relaxing breakfast. But it doesn’t feel like the right thing to do.  

So, this morning instead of sitting around feeling crummy we (the kids and I) put on our hats, packed up water and snacks, grabbed our bible and headed out on the trail.  We hiked up to Lily Pad Lake, a couple miles up toward Buffalo Mountain.  It was a glorious morning and we had such a great time together.  I realized a couple things this morning out there enjoying nature 1) we will get involved in a church a some point and 2) it doesn’t do any good making myself sick about it, I just need to do something.  When we got to the lake, we all plopped down on a rock, had a quick snack and then had a small bible study.  We talked about parables and specifically read the parable of the sower.  I was so amazed at the discussion that the kids had about sharing God’s love with others and being kind to others even when no one is watching.  I hadn’t planned it but as I started reading the scripture I smiled when the first line read: That same day Jesus went out of the house and sat by the lake (Matthew 13:1).  The kids all thought that was cool too. We were sitting by a lake, just as Jesus had been, sharing God’s message together.

I hope you all had a great Sunday!
Love, Jennifer

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