Out For A Walk In The Woods

Let me start out by saying that my husband has been on a work trip (read: ride bikes, learn about bikes, repeat) since Sunday and I am starting to go a little bit cuckoo for cocoa puffs.  If you know what I mean (or watched Saturday morning television in the 80’s).

Yesterday morning we got the call for a house showing (our house is currently for sale and we are renting).  I choked down the giant sigh and agreed.  Quickly I packed up four kids, one dog, lunches, blanket, sunscreen, water and the kitchen sink.  Well, after all that stuff my pack did feel like the sink was hiding in there somewhere. 
We headed out to the Rainbow Lake trail head.  We hiked up to the lake and ate our lunch.  After lunch we hiked back around the lake and to the car.  Not a super long hike in miles but when you add up all the stops to look at logs and twigs, it took us a while.  The wild flowers are still really pretty so that was a plus.  All in all, the day ended up being a great one, showing or no showing.  

my hiking pals. They are a cute bunch.  
Happy Thursday!
Tomorrow we are headed to Winter Park for another swim meet.  Have a great day!

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