Sometimes painful




Today, the kids and I enjoyed this beautiful day with a round of golf.  Yep.  9 holes.  I took 4 kids golfing.  All by myself.



Okay.  Not THAT kind of golfing. Actually, a way more fun (is way more fun proper English?) kind of golfing.  Disc golfing.
There is an awesome course on the Frisco Peninsula that goes right along Lake Dillon.  I have to admit that I didn’t expect much. After all, I have played frisbee with these kids and their aim and distance is still progressing but hey all did great. Sam totally outplayed me.  The other three managed to stay along with us and had a blast. 
There were a few moments of distress when one or the other would throw their disc and hit a sibling.  Sam thought he might have broken a rib when Paige beaned him point blank with her frisbee disc.  Alice received a really nice goose egg on her arm when Mason threw from behind and didn’t call a fore and Paige’s ankle may have bled a bit when Sam accidentally sent his disc flying backwards.
Anyhoo, no major injuries.  It was a good time and we can’t wait to go back with Daddy.

This sort of golfing has a spectacular view and the shoes are way better.
Have a great weekend,

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