Four Little Goblins

Once again we had a successful Halloween.  Everybody enjoyed their school parties and then we headed down to the store for Trick or Treat Street in Frisco.  It seems that every man, woman and child in Summit County came out for the annual event. While Scott’s parents took our kids around town, we hung out at the store and passed out candy, coffee and cider.  This year we passed out more than 50 pounds of candy! Oh my!!!!  It was super fun and kids came home with enough candy for the whole block.

 From left to right: Shark eating a surfer, pepperoni pizza, a banana and a very yummy cookie. We must be really hungry this year:)

Not only did we have all the Halloween festivities yesterday, but we also closed on our new house. Today the painters arrive and hopefully we can move in for real next week!  Life continues to keep moving, thank the Lord!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween.  I am off to “hide” all the chocolate….


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