Getting Back to the Tour

I have seriously been slacking on this promised house tour.  So, here are some shots from our “living room”.  We didn’t have any furniture for this space so it has been home to a piano, a grandfather clock and a couple extra dining room chairs.  Now that we have found some furniture to fit the space (sort of) it seems much more inviting.  We love our wood burning fireplace and now we have a place to sit and enjoy it.  We bought the sectional used and added some tables that we had in the basement but were taking up too much room.  I bought some pillows, a lamp and ordered a big huge rug to add to the coziness.  I am still waiting on my rug and then I think my new living room will be complete.  Well, I am sort of looking for a different coffee table since this one is a tad too big but besides that I am good 🙂

DSC_2103_edited-1 DSC_2105_edited-1 DSC_2110_edited-1

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