Spontaneous Combustion

There are definitely some things that are tough about living in a small town (i.e. everybody knows your business, no fabric store, lack of culture and diversity).  As I have posted before, we are really enjoying this quieter, small town way of living.  Don’t get me wrong, we loved living in a bigger city as well but this has been a good change for us.  Last night was one of those times when we fell in love just a little bit more with Frisco.

The Spontaneous Combustion is one huge gigantic bonfire.  I know right?!?!?  I am getting excited about a bonfire?!?!?  Well, give me a PBR and a flannel, I am embracing the lifestyle.

The town of Frisco collects everyone’s Christmas trees for a month, piles them up and burns them at one big town party. Don’t be too worried; the fire department was in charge of throwing (and dumping with a front loader) all trees into the fire.   Adults are chatting and kids are running around, sledding on dirty snow piles, making smores on a separate smaller fire (smore fixings are provided by town) and just having fun.  This is something that (I hope) my kids remember forever.  We missed this event last year and I am quite sure we won’t miss it again.  After about an hour of “burning”, the town sets off fireworks from the marina.  After the fireworks, we bid our friends goodnight and walked home.

DSC_2127 DSC_2136_edited-1

DSC_2137_edited-1 DSC_2140_edited-1 DSC_2128 DSC_2143


Aside from being covered in ash and smelling like a campfire until 2020, we are all in agreement that we won’t be mulching our tree ever again.


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