Scott took our two girls to their first ever Father Daughter Dance last night.  The night before the big dance I stood outside their room and listened to them discussing the name of the dance.  Is it a Father Daughter Dance or a Daddy Daughter Dance?   They were so excited that they could have gone on forever talking about it. I love those sometimes rare moments when they are being sweet to each other and just talking like best friends.

FDD or DDD? I assured them that they could call it whatever they chose:)

Each of the girls got a new dress, shoes and a hair accessory (Thank you Target).  They both looked darling and were crazy excited to spend the evening with Scott and their friends from school.  Scott came home looking a little dazed and confused. I guess being at a dance full of 5-10 year olds all evening made him a little loopy! After the dance, some of the girls and their dads went out for a treat at our local froyo place.  By the time they made it home, everyone was hyped up on sugar and fun.  Everyone but daddy that is…..he proceeded to sit down and fall asleep:)

Scott refused to haul my big ole’ camera to the dance so all I have are the before pics.

DSC_2160_edited-1 DSC_2162_edited-1 DSC_2163_edited-1 DSC_2171


Strong, courageous and proud…that’s what little girls are made of.


One thought on “FDD or DDD?

  1. Oh it brings back fond memories. These are the moments memories are made of. Did you young ladies dance with dad? I say young ladies because you sure do not look like little girls! Flowers too! Way to go dad! Alice and Paige, “Can dad dance?”. Let me know. Glad you had a good time. Is there a MSD?

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