Girls Weekend

Every once in a while, I get to go away, all by my big girl self (all by myself means without a human being under the age of 12 in tow). This past weekend I joined three friends from Colorado Springs on a girls weekend to Crested Butte.  Crested Butte is this gorgeous sleepy little mountain town about 3 1/2 hours away.  We had a blast and it was a perfect weekend for relaxing.  We ate, we drank (way too much), we snowshoed, we sat in the hot tub and we laughed, a lot.  Scott was a champ and stayed home with our four babies.  He had lots of plans for the weekend but Samuel woke up sick on Saturday morning and the rest of the weekend included thermometers, Ibuprofen and bed rest.

Anyway, thanks so much to Victoria, Marnie and Lacey for a fabulous weekend away and many thanks to Scott for holding down the fort at home.

DSC_2215_edited-1 DSC_2216 DSC_2220 DSC_2223 DSC_2225 DSC_2228_edited-1 DSC_2229_edited-1 DSC_2231

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