Paige {Eight}

Paige celebrated her eighth birthday on Wednesday. It was a quiet low key kinda birthday. We only have big parties every other year over here at the casa de Wescott.  This is the year of the family party. That’s right.  Mom, Dad, Sam, Alice and Mason.  Did anyone hear me breathe a sigh of relief?  Big friend parties are so much fun and soooo much work for momma.  With four kids, I can only handle the big celebrations every other year.  We also wanted our kids to learn to appreciate the big party.  It comes with lots of love and tons of work.

Sooo, back to our baby Paigie.  She just isn’t a baby any longer.  It is sad.  Seems like just yesterday that I was not so patiently waiting (10 days late) to meet our sweet girl and now she is EIGHT.

Happy Birthday to our special girl. You will always be my baby.  Forever.

We love you to infinity plus infinity 🙂


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