Mammoths, Mummies and Museums. Oh My!

Last weekend (wow, has a week already gone by) we went to the Denver Nature and Science Museum.  Sam has always loved everything Egypt and when he was asked which career he would like to learn more about (mentor program at school), of course, he said Egyptology. We could not find an Egyptologist in the county so we met up at the museum in Denver with a wonderful woman who has traveled to Egypt and is an amazing wealth of knowledge in the areas of ancient Egypt and the science surrounding it.  We found this Egypt mentor through some friends in the county and she happens to be the aunt of Alice’s good little friend, Lily.  Lily and her family also met us at the museum so we got the pleasure of touring the exhibits with them as well.  The girls also got to spend some time in the new mammoth exhibit.

Sam was in heaven.  He asked so many questions, his mentor, Kim,  was going hoarse by the end of the FIVE hours they spent touring the Egypt exhibit and pouring over books and pictures.  Thank you so much to Kim for spending the day with Sam!

DSC_2336_edited-1 DSC_2338_edited-1These are three super cute paleontologists 🙂

DSC_2339_edited-1 DSC_2340 DSC_2341

Today it is snowing (again!) so we are heading to the movies. Have a great Saturday.


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