Mountain Biking

There is only one thing better than being out in nature, riding your bike, enjoying the thrills of the downs and the victories of the uphill.

Watching your kids do it.

Today, Scott and I were down a couple of kids (parties) so we took Sam and Paige out riding on the Frisco Peninsula.  Since it was their first ride of the season we took a safe, three-mile loop.  They both did great.  Paige got a bit frustrated but I think she will feel better when her legs stop yelling:)  She really has no meat on her tiny legs and they were working hard!  There is nothing cuter than Paige in bike shorts:)

When we finished our loop, we headed downtown for some lunch.  After lunch, Scott and Sam (and another friend) headed back to the peninsula for one more loop.  Paige and I were getting tired so we headed for home.

It was a fantastic day to be outside.  We have been cursed blessed with a very long winter this year.  It snowed yesterday, in case you were wondering.  So it seems that Mother Nature has granted us some warmer spring weather and I do believe that we will be taking advantage of it for as long as it lasts.

DSC_2725_edited-1 DSC_2728_edited-1 DSC_2729_edited-1My new bike.  Isn’t she pretty.  I really like her.  She is bad@!#.

DSC_2740_edited-2 DSC_2735_edited-1

Happy Saturday. Enjoy the day. And if you complain about it being too hot, I might punch you in the face.


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