Wet and Wild

Well, along with all the other stuff we have been doing this summer, we have also been busy with swim team.  The kids have had two meets and are scheduled for a couple more before the end of summer break.  The second meet was this morning up in Fraser (Winter Park).  I didn’t take my camera so these shots are from the first meet back in June.  All the kids are swimming really well.  Alice swam the fly this morning in a medley relay and she was really nervous.  Fly is really hard when you have no upper body muscles:)  She did great and started her team out well.  Sam is always up for a challenge so today he decided to swim the 100 medley  AND the 100 free AND the 50 breaststroke. I was tired just watching him. Paige was pretty nervous too but pushed through.  She was especially worried about swimming the breaststroke.  She has been working on it in practice but didn’t feel confident.  She got about halfway down the 25 yards and started to panic.  She actually looked behind her to see if she should go back but with a lot of cheers and encouragement, she finished and was really proud that she had done it:)  I have to admit that I had tears.  It is so hard to see your kids struggle and so wonderful when they overcome those fears.  So, here are a few shots from the June meet in Eagle/Vail.

DSC_2970_edited-1 DSC_2972_edited-1 DSC_2974_edited-1




Have a great weekend.  This is the last weekend of the summer that we are completely free of commitments and we are going to enjoy it:)


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