His Turn

Well, Mason woke up feeling great this morning so off he went to first grade.  We all walked to the bus stop and he happily hopped on with his big sisters.  He sat by Alice and smiled at me out of the bus window.  He really has no fear of anything (except the dark and bugs) which can be good and bad:)  I am sure he is already giving his sweet teacher a run for her money!  So, as promised, here are his first day of school pictures.

DSC_3405_edited-1 DSC_3406_edited-2


Have a great day, my sweet little guy!  

2 thoughts on “His Turn

  1. Jenn & Scott, LOVE all of your photos/prose! How is it that all of your kids have grown so much when we just saw them a couple of weeks ago!!! Just want you to know that you have a very beautiful family & that YOU are obviously great parents<3!!! xoxox, Aunt Dot p.s. Happy to see that Mason got to the 2nd day of school (I had that bug for 3+ days & it was NO fun).

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