Alive and Kickin’

To all my loyal readers (he he), I am still here.  My only excuse for the humongous gap in blog posts is that my old not-so- trusty computer died.  Really died, like not turning on ever again, not working.  Trust me, I would have loved to update you all on our super-duper Thanksgiving week, or on the exciting engagement of my little brother, or my surprise birthday lunch with family and friends.  Our life has been busy.  Obviously, my computer didn’t get that memo.  I am also so excited to start posting some pictures with my new camera.  That’s right, I got a beautiful new camera and it is killing me, not having a spot to store and edit my pictures.   For now you will have to enjoy a few from our family photo shoot in November.  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and are looking forward to the craziness of Christmas!

A huge thanks and photo credits go out to John Blum at for his ability to manage 15 people for a photo shoot outside in the winter in Frisco.







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