….and your silly infections too!

If you are totally confused, see the last post:)

So, Mason was home for 4 days before we had to take him  back to the hospital.  He acquired a pretty big infection at the incision site.  We were all bummed when the doc gave us the news that Mason would need another surgery to clean out the infection.  Luckily my parents were with us at the time so Scott and I stayed with Mason.  He was in the hospital for two nights and then allowed to go home to recuperate.  It was a bummer but we were so glad this appendix mess was behind us.  Well, again we were home for just a few (three) more days and Mason started running a very high fever, complaining of a belly ache and was not eating.  Scott rushed him back to the hospital and sure enough, he had another infection, this time under the muscle layers.  His doctor was starting to get a bit concerned and referred us to Children’s Hospital in Denver.  Mason and Scott were transported down there by ambulance and Mason went under again for a third (and hopefully last) time.  This time the doctors inserted a drain tube into his tummy and a picc line into his arm for better absorption of antibiotics.  We spent four more days in the hospital in Denver and yesterday afternoon we were set loose:)   He still has his picc line and we will be administering the meds for two more weeks at home.  He and I are going to be hanging out at home but we aren’t complaining because home is way better than the hospital….except for the Xbox and the cable.  That was awesome.  Anyway, I digress.  We are so grateful to everybody who was here to help out!  My parents made three trips back and forth to help with kids, many friends picked up and fed kids, made meals and gave ears for listening:)  Throughout this whole process we have realized how blessed we truly are.  Here are a few pics from the last couple weeks.  Our little guy is feeling better today and we are praying that he will heal up and keep all infection away.





Many Blessing,




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