Snow. Everywhere.

We are not complaining. We need this snow so badly. It is good for tourism and business. It is good for our streams and reservoirs. It is good for the drier front range cities who get our mountain runoff.

Our kids are on their second snow day and let me remind you that a snow day NEVER happens in this county. It has been years since the last day off. We are probably close to 30 inches of snow and it is still coming down. We are running out of places to put it. Our patio furniture is buried and so are many of our trees. Scott has to shovel a path for the dog in the back yard and our shed looks dwarfed under the feet of snow on top of it.

The kids and I just returned from a snowshoe. It was exhausting but fun:) The kids loved standing next to all the signs that are normally way above their heads:) I hope you are enjoying your day no matter the weather, sunny or snowy. We are now at home eating some warm soup and loving the view out our windows.


FYI, Paige is standing in the above pic…




Sam taking a rest….phew.  Snowshoeing is tough.










Happy Snow Day!!!!!

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