Spring Break!!!!!

Yahoo!  Yippee!  Wahooeee!

It’s Spring Break and we are so excited!  We started out our weekend by skiing some awesome powder and then we packed up the car and headed west to Utah.  It was a funny contrast from the super snowy day we had on Sunday to the warm and sunny days we enjoyed at Canyonlands.    We all love the deserts of Utah.  Normally we would stop in Moab and ride our bikes but this time we kept on driving and met up with some friends in Canyonlands National Park.  We camped there for two days.  Instead of biking we decided to take some fantastic hikes and let the kids climb a bit.  Amazingly enough, there were some pretty great climbing and bouldering right at our campsite so Scott set a top rope and all the kids took turns climbing on rock.  So, now we are warmed up, sun-kissed, refreshed and ready for the next spring snow (which is supposed to arrive tonight).

I am tired and not feeling overly wordy tonight so enjoy ALL the pictures.  I had a blast snapping away.  My pictures don’t do the landscape justice.  It is beautiful and sometimes feels like a different planet.  If  you haven’t been, you need to go.  It’s crazy super cool.














And…..in case you wondered what it looks like in Summit County right now….here you go.  Now you won’t have to wonder why we need to point the wheels west and drive:)


The kids and I before heading out for a ski day.  By the time we got back to the truck, there was at least six inches of new powder on it.

Have a great night.  Tomorrow we are headed to Colorado Springs to pick up our new puppy.  Check back for some adorable puppy pictures!



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