A couple of weeks ago, Alice had a big final presentation to finish up her primary years planner.  Essentially all the fifth graders had to complete a project that included all the standards taught throughout elementary school.  The fifth graders were placed in small groups based on interest level.  Alice’s group chose to learn more about endangered animals, and  more specifically, Sumatran Tigers.  They started working on this project back in January.  They did extensive research, spoke with many experts, worked with a mentor who was familiar with the Sumatran region and made an action plan to help save some tigers.  All in all, they raised enough money to adopt 6 Sumatran Tigers.  The final project was a 15 minute presentation for the families.  Alice’s group did an excellent job presenting their information.  We were so proud of them for working so hard on this exhibition of knowledge.




Way to go Alice!  She is now starting to focus on middle school.  She is going to be learning to play the flute next year.  Two kids in band.  Please pray for my ears:)

Have a great day!


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