European Vacation {Northern Italy}

Last weekend we got home from our much-anticipated European family vacation.  My parents so generously took our entire family to Italy and Hungary to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.  We enjoyed every minute of it and saw so many beautiful and interesting things.  We started our trip in northern Italy.  We flew into Milan and then drove to Morgex, which sits at the base of Mount Blanc.  We did a couple gorgeous hikes, visited some castles, drove mountain passes and even got a chance to visit Chamonix, France.  We ate really well and enjoyed a bit of wine too:)  I had a blast taking a few (674) pictures.  Here are a few of the shots I got around northern Italy.




Mason peeks into an old chapel along the side of the road.






One of my favorite moments just hanging out in Morgex.  My mom (and dad, father-in-law, mother-in-law, brothers, etc.) had a blast riding on the zip line at the village park.



Of course, we had to try the macaroons while we were in France.



Chamonix, France




Alice and Paige standing in front of our mountain house in Morgex, Italy.




Grandma Peggy and Grandma Marilyn.  Scott’s parents also went along with us on the trip.



Celebrating 50 years of wedded bliss:)






My brother, Jeff, helping my mom down the steep part of the trail.




Mount Blanc and the surrounding mountains.





Alice and my niece, Madison, having some fun with the prawns.  Our kids actually ate the eyeballs!


Sam hanging out in front of the book store.  Of course.  Where else would he be?  🙂




The kids enjoying a park and fields in Cogne, Italy.


So, if you are still with me after all those photos, you got a not so quick glance at some of the beautiful places we visited.  In all their travels, this was one of the places that my parents really loved and wanted us all to experience.  It did not disappoint:) Thanks Mom and Dad for giving us this amazing experience.   Seeing it through our kids eyes was so cool.

Tomorrow……Lithuania.  My parents took our kids and flew to Budapest and Scott and I took his parents to Vilnius, Lithuania for a couple days.  Scott’s great grandparents were born there so we decided that while we were so close it would be great to take Scott’s mom to see where her grandparents lived.  Another super cool place.

Happy Saturday night.



3 thoughts on “European Vacation {Northern Italy}

  1. Wow , once in a life time adventure. You and your kids are very lucky to get to see all this together. It is something they will always remember. Great photos..

  2. What a trip! Sooo glad we were able to go. The pic of your Mom and Dad is the best!

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