It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year {Christmas Tree Hunting}

Yep.  The Wescott crew headed out into the wilderness to find the perfect tree again this year.  It is an interesting year for us because, as you know, we have a very large puppy.  So with that in mind, I was pretty sure that a small tree would be good.  Something that didn’t attract too much attention.  Rosie will leave a small tree alone, right?

Nope.  We got a large tree. I will admit that I did pick it out (BUT, with the idea that we would cut it down about 6 feet) and it is gorgeous.  It is large.  It looked a lot smaller in the wild.  We don’t have a large home.  And this tree takes up a good part of our not so large home.

Anyway, the trip out to find the tree was good.  It didn’t take too long and we found it about 1/2 mile from the car.  Nobody cried.  All in all, a successful day.








My crazy crew with our not so small Christmas tree.


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