Summit County Christmas

Due to owning a retail store, we usually need to stay pretty close to home around Christmas.  Although it would be great to be with family, we always make the best of it and enjoy our time together.  Some years we have hiked on Christmas Day, others we have gone on a snowshoe.  This year, mainly because everyone received new hockey sticks and pucks, we headed to the skating pond.  As it was the first time on our skates this season, we were all a bit rusty.  We played a mean game of three on three. Girls v. Boys.  The girls lost 5-1 but it didn’t help that one of the players sat in the snow bank and ate snow off of her gloves for most of the time:)  There was lots of laughter and we all went home with smiles and some sore behinds.

Merry Christmas.









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