Puppy Party {1st Birthday}

Yep.  That’s right.  We went to a puppy birthday party.  This was not just any puppy party….it was Rosie’s party (and the other pups in her litter).  There was ice-cream cake, party hats, leis and lots of puppy playtime.  It was pretty cute and a great way to get ten Newfoundlands all together in one spot. Many thanks to Marcy for hosting and Victoria for organizing.  I have to admit that this was probably the only dog birthday party I have ever attended.  Probably the last…

Enjoy the total puppy cuteness.

We all fell in love with Gus, the newest (12 week old) puppy.  Adorable.



Running Max.  Small in stature but not lacking in cuteness.



The kids had a blast watching the dogs play in the snow.  Of course, our dog loves the snow.  Thank goodness.



Big daddy, Zander.  He is a gorgeous Newfoundland.



Mama Bella.  She tried really hard to stay out of the mix but her puppies really like to antagonize her.



Another picture of Gus.  He was just so photogenic…



Those eyes…



Mama with her birthday bow.  She was a good sport….for a minute.



Lily kept her eye on the party from her spot in the kitchen.


Here’s our birthday girl.  She loved that lei so much, she ate it.



Rosie watching Max get his ice cream from a fork.  Jealous much?



Gracie keeping her eye on her sisters.





Happy Birthday, Rosie!!!!!

Happy Sunday to you all!


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