Mountain Biking {Race 2}

Scott, Sam and Alice had their second mountain bike race on Wednesday night.  They all had great races and I was so proud of them.  Scott came in fourth, just missing the podium.  Sam road even better than the last race and felt way better about his riding.  Alice moved up to a bigger bike and continued to crush it.  Our mountain biking community is fantastic, really encourages each other and has a genuine love for the land and biking.  Once again, we are reminded that we are blessed to live here.


The Sam Man preparing to ride…




Alice and her bestie, Sadie, on the line waiting for the start whistle. Let’s go #15!




Sometimes being a spectator is hard work…Mason does the job well.



Check out the guy in the middle.  He looks fast.




My boys after the race.  So proud of both of them!


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