Alice {Twelve}

Again.  Another birthday. Another year older.  Oh my.

This morning, Alice and I went out for her birthday pictures.  Alice is pretty lucky because her birthday falls during the summer, which means flowers and leaves on trees and sun.  It’s a good thing.  Anyway, we strolled around the neighborhood snapping away and somehow  she managed to connect to Pandora the entire time.  Sooo, if you are wondering why she is seeming to jam out in almost all the pictures, it is because she is:)  Taylor Swift radio to be exact.  Come to find out it makes for some great pictures.  This is the picture of Alice most days.  She sings constantly.  I’m not kidding; she is belting out some Disney song in the other room right now.

Happy birthday to my spunky, bright, hilarious, singing, dancing, dramatic, oldest middle daughter.  She rocks.  Literally and figuratively:)







I might be a bit biased but she is darling.




Much love on this gorgeous Thursday.


One thought on “Alice {Twelve}

  1. Always so nice and even more beautiful everyday. Love and miss you,

    Happy Birthday

    Grandma and Grandpa too

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