Ski Racing {Nordic}

Sam and Alice had another nordic ski race this weekend in Steamboat Springs.  We headed up very early on Saturday morning so that we could see them both race.  It was a classic race with an individually seeded start, which basically means they didn’t mass start and we could see each of our kids start and finish.  They both skied well and continue to improve and even more importantly, they both LOVE it!


Alice getting ready to start and (below) pushing out of the start gate.




Sam skiing into the finish.


Mason created this awesome snowman while he was waiting for the kids to finish their races.  There was sooo much snow in Steamboat and it was perfect for packing snowballs and making snowpeople:)

After the races, we took advantage of being in Steamboat SPRINGS and headed out to the Strawberry Hot Springs.  It was a gorgeous drive up to the springs and the amount of snow was so amazing.



I am sure the hot springs felt awesome on those sore muscles!  It actually felt good to all of us!  After we had all officially turned into prunes, we headed into town for a quick lunch before heading home.  It was another great day spent with family and friends.   Back to school and work tomorrow.  We are getting hit with a pretty big storm right now so hopefully we will wake up to a foot or so of snow.  Fingers crossed!!!!!


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