Mountain Bike Racing

All four of my kiddos are racing their mountain bikes this summer.  It is pretty excited and nerve-wracking, to be honest. It takes a ton of coordination to get everyone ready to go so Scott decided to forego racing this season and help me out with all the gear and craziness that comes with a bike race.  They are all doing really well and having fun (most of the time:)).  I love watching these tough mountain kids working so hard!  Sam is really doing well this season and seems to be moving up in the rankings every race.  Alice moved up a division this year and is now racing longer distances (7 miles on single track mountain trails)  with bigger, older girls.  She is doing well and holding her own.  Sometimes it is tough to be little:) Paige and Mason raced once or twice last season so they are still getting the hang of it.  I think they really just like hanging out with their friends and having icees after each race!

Here are some shots from the last cross-country race.  Logistically, I couldn’t be at the start to see Alice go off but I did get her coming in to finish.

DSC_6334_edited-1 DSC_6337_edited-1 DSC_6340_edited-1 DSC_6370_edited-1

Goodness, I love our summers.


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